Welcome to the Graduate School of Business Administration

Aims and Feature

The industrial business world is becoming an increasingly complex world-wide network. This trend is generating a greater demand for talented entrepreneurs who can not only cope with technical progress and the globalization of industry, but who can also create new leading industries in the competitive world market. This graduate course offers excellent research programs to those who intend to become creative specialists equipped with economic expertise and high-level management skills, particularly in the field of distribution.

The Japanese economy is now confronted with long and medium-term structural problems, both in macro and micro economics. his burdened with many urgent tasks that need tackling, such as the development of social capital,. putting a chick on deindustrialization which has been caused by the overseas transfer of domestic industry, implementing a variety of deregulations, and the creation of leading industries in the coming century. The current global economy. Composed as it is of sophisticated information network systems, is certain to call for a swift shift to new economic paradigms.

In response to these social and economic needs, a unique academic environment is provided in our graduate school for students who would like to be part of the effort to set up a new paradigm of the distribution sector, which we regard as made up of the following three areas : merchandise distribution, financial distribution and information distribution

In this perspective, our graduate programs are organized to cover the above three areas of study. Accordingly, the curriculum is comprised of ten course items in merchandise distribution, five items in financial distribution, five items in information distribution, and three basic items concerning distribution in general Seminars are also offered to encourage students' initiative and work on themes of their own choice. These two-year Seminars wilt be held under individual guidance for research and practice as well as hard training in methodology. From among these course items and seminars students are free to choose the ones that may suit their interests and objectives.

Our door is open not only to college graduates, but also to business people, students from abroad, and any other candidates who are interested in furthering their research in these fields. Scholarships are available depending on your need or qualifications, and there are also various benefits available to support students in the pursuit of their studies. Furthermore, vie have a system that can assist students in obtaining a number of certifications and another system that will help overseas students to improve their Japanese.

The primary aim of our graduate course is to stimulate and direct motivated students to become competent specialists in distribution who can creatively engage in business activities in the competitive global market.